Mobile Blogging to Blogger is Half Baked as of Now

Apparently mobile blogging is only half-baked. When you see all of my previous posts prior to this one they will appear as jiberish. The reason being is that I was trying out this concept of mobile blogging.  The idea is that you send  the text message "register"  to the number 256447.  That then sends you back a couple of messages with links that help you link that number to your blog.  You can either link it the newly created mobile blog - which you can claim.  Or you can link it to your existing blog. I chose the latter. You then send messages to that number and they post to your blog automatically.

The result was cryptic at best.  As you can see in my previous posts, I have several posts even though I only sent one long text.  Also you can see that it's some weird mono spaced font.

The advantage of that was supposed to be that you can actually send posts from your mobile.  The other advantage is that since I have an iPhone 4S I could leverage the voice recognition to dictate the content instead of typing it.

It all seemed to work fine until I saw the results.  I don't think that needs much explaining.  I guess I will have to wait until they fully work out this concept before I will begin using it.


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