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Finish Him

There are two little words that most of 80's/90's children are too familiar with; "Finish Him!".  Boys (or men now) are more familiar with these words because they were part of the popular game fighting game Mortal Kombat. In the game you could play against the computer or against another person using characters from the game.  All characters shared common moves such as punching, kicking and jumping but each character had special power moves that gave them advantages over their opponents.

The game consisted of fighting for three rounds.  The player that beat their opponent for two of the three rounds won.  On the final round, once the losing opponent was defeated, the game provided an opportunity for a finishing move.  At this point the player would lose with or without a finishing move or even without a hit at all.  This was just an opportunity for the player to show off his skills with his special finishing move. Any hit would finish the opponent but a special fin…