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General Steps to Resolve a Complex Software Defect

In a perfect world the software product would be free of any bugs or defects. The software will use best practices of design. The developers will approach the design with engineering principles that take into account performance, scalability, flexibity, targeted loads, etc. In the real world there’s no software product that’s 100% free of defects. There are simply too many factors that affect the functionality of a complex system. The factors are many to include... Read More

PostSharp on Visual Studio Magazine

It's a good feeling when you publish a post on a topic and then you get confirmation from a well-respected authority in the community. This is exactly what happened recently with a post I wrote on using PostSharp . I wrote about PostSharp and two months later Visual Studio Magazine published an article on the same topic.

Here is the post I published: Simplifying Logging in Your Application with PostSharp

Here is Visual Studio Magazine's article on the topic: AOP with Post Sharp

Although Visual Studio Magazine provided a well-written, polished article and mine was merely a blog post, I still like the confirmation that the post was written on a relevant topic.