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Recently there's been a number of performance complaints amongst my team of developers. While we are looking at certain options for future procurement, here are some simple steps that you can take to improve your systems performance.

1. Defrag often
2. Delete or archive files that you haven't used in the last two months
3. Run disk clean-up

Also here is a good article on improving your computers performance

You may already have the functionality to go directly to your system settings

1. My Computer-Properties
2. Navigate to the Advanced Tab

3. Select the settings for the Performance

4. There is a number of options you can set there. Rather that going over all the different options please visit the link provided above.

Visual Effects alone seem to have improved performance significantly in my case.

Remote Access to Your Home Desktop Using No-IP

In the last few weeks a co-worker introduce me to At the time I was looking for a way that I could access my home computer from work. With you can do just that. provides a way to connect to your home computer, or any other computer for that matter, from anywhere as long as you have access to the web. The connection is established by normal means through Remote Desktop. Under normal circumstances you can configure your computer and access it through the router's IP. The problem with that is that your router's IP is Dynamic. Meaning that it changes frequently. So while you may be able to access it one moment you will not be able to access it the next.

To solve dynamic IP address problem provides you with a way to connect to it through a web address and it handles the connection and IP mapping for you.

Before you begin to connect to your home computer there is a series of steps that you must complete. No-Ip has the complete instr…