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Simple Example of Using Pipes with C#

So I decided to dig into understanding how works under the hood, out of curiosity.  In the articles that I found the authors described the architecture in lower level details.  One of the things that caught my eyes was the use of named Pipes as a means of inter-process communications by the architecture.   So I decided to dig into that portion a little bit deeper.  I discovered that the .Net framework has a namespace for named pipes and it's quite easy to use.

I intend to demonstrate a small example that I cooked up rather quickly by setting up a named pipe server and then connecting a pipe client to it.  Before I do that, I want to say as a disclaimer that I don't know that this example demonstrates the best way to use pipes.  What it does do is show the most straightforward way to use them.  Also, before you use pipes you should consider using something else like WCF instead if you need well defined interfaces, as using pipes is pretty raw.   Being the type of person…

DirectoryWiz an Open Source Framework for Cleaning Folders

I have started work on something that has been brewing in my mind for some time.  I have created a framework to enable me to clean folders of undesired folders and files.  For example say I want to remove all the .svn folders from my solution to save space and archive somewhere.  Or maybe I want to remove the bin and debug folders so that I can zip and mail out the solution.

I primarily wrote it as a tool for myself.  The primary purpose of this framework is to clean folders of undesired files and folders, such as cleaning the bin and obj folders from your solution.  It is also to aid in copying folders and folder trees.  This is in effort to get around the faulty windows copy system that chokes on the first error.

Anyway, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.  If you have some time please visit the git link below and read ReadMe file on the site.  If you have more time than than that, go ahead and download the source code.   Then please provide me with your feedback - do y…

Evaluating Mercurial as a posibble DVCS as opposed to Git

As some of you might know, lately I've been searching for a new tool to use as a version control system.  Currently for my job we still use Subversion.   In many ways we have outgrown it or at least we realize that we can take advantage of some of the capabilities of a distributed version control system (DVCS) - like disconnected operations, redundant backup repositories, better performance.

 To allow us to meet our team's needs we need keep a workflow similar to what we have with subversion - many clients and one master host or central repository.  I have not gone through the the process of setting up a git repository on the server - but it looks like a real headache.  It seems that even setting up a normal local file repository is a challenge.   A local file repository would be insufficient because we cannot control security with that anyway.   However to go through the whole process of setting up Git with SSH, it feels like I'm trying to fit a square peg into a round ho…

Learned about the :hidden filter today

It seems that the more I dig into jQuery the more I realize how vast a library it is.   Also noticed that much of the CSS3 stuff is bleeding off into jQuery territory, but that is a topic for a different day.

I am currently reading the book jQuery in Action.  I am only in Chapter 2 and I've been reading it for about two weeks... sigh.  That should give you an idea of how long it's taking me to tackle the jQuery topic.

The topic of this post is to demonstrate how with my new knowledge of the ':hidden' filter I was able to reduce some code.

I basically went from multiple methods and dynamically adding a CSS class to the latter example marked 'TO simply this' below.

//From this
var checkIfIsExpanded = function(){

                                if(  $(this)