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Putting Files on the Rackspace File Cloud

Recently, I’ve been playing around with Asp.Net MVC and I (along with some friends) am creating an Asp.Net MVC application that can access files from our website. This means that files must display on the site as well as provide a way to download/upload them. I won’t give away all the details of the project but I will say this:
Sharing photos is one of the driving forces for our project. The files are only image type files( jpg, etc)The files must be uploaded by the users and stored somewhere within our system. We don’t necessarily know at this time how much storage space we need but we think that we will need a little at first but possibly a lot more down the road. This means that the storage of these files must be scalable.The uploading of files must be controlled by our system.
 Right off the bat we started our application and were uploading files to the web server with no problem.  We only did it this way to kind of prove our system model. We were just basically writing them to our …

What is "good code"?

I was asked today to describe "good code".  Here is my response to that question:

How do you define “good code”?

“Good code” is code that functions. “Good code” is code that does what it’s supposed to do. After all, with so many applications in production, can most of that code be below average or “bad code”? However I am not interested in writing “good code”. I am interested in writing great code. I like writing code that does what it’s supposed to do and reads like it’s supposed to read. Great code does not make the reader ask “WTF?!” when reading it. Great code is code that all programmers aspire to write in their careers but only a persistent few ever do.

Great code is based on the concepts that universities teach but professors fail to teach you how. Great code is code that is loosely coupled, highly cohesive, highly readable and as a result highly maintainable. Great code is that which is appreciated more by the developer that maintains it, than the one who created it…