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Python vs. Other Languages

For the last two months or so my fellow McLane Advanced Technologies Programmers and I decided to take on Python. We all have pluralsight accounts so we decided to engage in the Python Fundamentals course by Bingham and Smallshire. It took us a couple of months to get through the course since we only would do it through our lunch hour. With schedule conflicts, practice exercises it took us a while to get through the course but we finally completed it a couple of weeks ago. And I must say, it was an amazing course. The crazy part about the course is that it's only 5 hours long. Five hours plus another 10 hours of hands on practice and you can be pretty decent at python.

Throughout the course we took time on our own to do some exercises after each of the lessons. I fiddled around with it quite a bit and decided to save my practice exercises to ( Although our goal is to go deeper with the sequel to this course, Python Be…