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Getting MySql Working with JDBC in my Windows 7 Box

I have been studying for the OCP Exam.  I passed the Programmer 1 exam and that one wasn't too difficult to prepare for.  Preparing for the Programmer 2 exam has proven to be a much bigger challenge.  It covers 12 areas with one of them being Building Applications with JDBC.   In my work experience, I have been exposed to a small subset of JDBC. That's mostly because we don't use the raw implementations and instead use a combination of other persistence frameworks.  I tried studying JDBC straight from the book to prepare for the exam and it's proven ineffective.  Studying theory with no hands-on JDBC is difficult.  There is simply too many unanswered questions. It also proves to be difficult because it is vastly different than anything I've done with

    So earlier this week I decided that in order to truly grasp JDBC, I was going to get some hands on practice. With this goal in mind, I figured the best option for a sandbox database system was MySQL.  F…