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Turning On Debugging on Kindle Fire Device

Having recently purchased a Kindle Fire and also because I recently started learning how to program games for Android I decided to see if my play projects would run on the Kindle Fire.Much to my dismay there was no “Allow Debugging” setting on the Kindle Fire like there is with my DroidX phone.  Also my Kindle Fire was not recognized by my Eclipse IDE as a device.After hunting for an answer I found how to do just that from information on the following links

In the first link you will find a post by AdmiralUD that outlines the entry you must make for the Android drivers.
Because I had to piece meal the solution on my own and because it was somewhat confusing at first, I decided to share a more comprehensive solution to the problem.
I will caution you that before you start developing on the Android you will need to download the Android SDK as well as the Eclipse I…

Turning On Debugging on the DroidX for Android Development

I started playing around with Android development yesterday.  I was able to follow all the setup instructions to run my initial program from the emulator.  However, when I tried to run my program from the actual device (I have a DroidX by Motorola) I ran into some issues because it was not being recognized.  That's when I colleague pointed me to a setting in the phone itself. 

It turns out I had to allow debugging.  To allow debugging on your DroidX just navigate to Settings/Applications/Development. Once there turn on USB Debugging.
Once I turned it on I was able to run my Hello World app on my device.

If you are interested in the book I am learning from you can get it at Amazon Or if you have a Safari account you can read it online like me.