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Web Devs Have More Fun

Lately I've been working extensively with XML, XSDs, CSS, HTML as well as JavaScript.  Why all the technologies at once, you ask.  Well I am in this XML graduate course.  The class name is XML and it covers it from every angle.  Like I said it covered pretty much every aspect of it, to include DTDs and XHTML. I've been having a blast in the past few days.  I can't believe I have been coding for so long without touching much of these technologies.  I had forgotten how much fun all these things outside of C# were.

At first it was a little painful, I must admit.  The lack of familiriaty with the tools made me feel like I was handicapped at times.  I have built so much of a dependency on Visual Studio and the Plug In tools like R# that using plain text editors or other tools is quite laborious.

After I got past most of that pain and became more acquainted with the languages (XSL, XPath, CSS, JavaScript), programming became much easier.  I no longer kept the old code fragments …


Ok, so I didn't think that WinDirStat deserved it's own blog entry and I wasn't going to enter it but since I quickly exceeded my Tweet limitation.  Here it is:

I discovered WinDirStat the same day I discovered one note. You can find WinDirStat at If you are not using this tool you should be. WinDirStat helps you identify where your hard drive space has gone. It also has some features to help you clean it.   WinDirStat categorizes your file comsumption into nice little compartments complete with color coding to enable you to quickly see where the biggest folders are.   All the different file types are color coded against a map view so you can easily see which types of files your query area contains.

The best part about WinDirStat is that it is completely free (as in free beer).


Wohoo! I Discovered One Note

So I am sitting at my desk today and as I am doing some research I decide that I need to take some notes.  My first thought was to pull my paper notepad and jot down some notes.   I am simple guy so I use notepad quite extensively for many simple tasks.   However, as I've gathered more and more information I have come to realized how inefficient this method of storing notes is.  For one I tend to forget where I stored something. For another I also tend to forget what I named a filed.

So I though "Hey what if there was a notepad tool that could handle the management of notes for me". No not like the windows notepad.exe but like a real notepad where you could take notes on one page and save them.  Then you could come back to them, search them, re-read them, back them up, etc.  It would be extremely cool to delegate the management of files to something other than myself.  I started talking to a co-worker about it and he said "I'm sure that this already exists"…


I have recently checked in a new project into code google. The project name came out of a play on words File Mover but since fimo would make the i sound kind of strange in my opinion. I changed the spelling to two e's instead so that the i could only be pronounced one way. Anyway, the concept behind Feemo is simple - to allow me to perform tedious repeatable folder manipulation tasks quickly and easily.

I was recently inspired by Martin Fowler's talk on Domain Specific Languages(DSL) and therefore I decided to create it in a way that the DSL can specify the instructions and then the FeemoRunner can take over and process them. If you are interested in something like this, take a look at the project. Currently it is not ready for delivery it still has quite a way to go before it can be used but I project that I can get enough going to perform some of the basic operations like processing the clean folder commands and move folder commands in the very near future.

I am also enrolled …