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Coordinating An Event

Recently I've been involved in helping with coordinating an event.  Actually I am not involved with the coordination but since I am the techy in the circle, you guessed it, I am tasked with anything and everything related to technology.  This could be something as simple as creating a word document.  Yes a word document can be considered a technology task to some at least in my circle.  

I have found that helping out with these types of tasks usually brings up all kinds of ideas to mind.  I always start out very excited because I start thinking that I will create this thing to fill this need.  Unfortunately a brief search I discovered that what I need is already available.  These ideas pop-up because real people trying to do real things tend to trigger real ideas. 

In this effort I realized that one of the critical things necessary for coordinating the event was to create some sort of web presence.  At first I decided to create the website as google website.  It was cheap and ea…


Derek Bailey, of Los Techies, came out to talk to the Central Texas Dot Net Users group about this tool named Albacore.  I will not even attempt to summarize the features and capabilities of Albacore.  It appears to be an awesome tool for a variety of reasons. 

It does not use XMLIt uses Ruby and as such it is a first class citizen, unlike NAntThe syntax is extremely clean and readable.If you have to do any type of automated builds, it seems that this will save you tons of time if you use this instead of NAnt
Prior to the engagement I had read Derick's article, Building .Net Systems with Ruby, Rake and Albacore, about the subject in this month's CODE magazine.  Let me tell you that the article does do the Albacore libraries justice.  The article is well written but for someone who does not know Ruby, the article went over my head.

Derick did an outstanding job of taking us through all the steps in getting Albacore up an running from 0 to fully built solutions. Having Derick on…