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Flying Cars and Cyborgs

I blogged today on the topic of what I envision for the future of technology in our society.

Go check it out at Flying Cars and Cyborgs

How to Properly Setup and Use the Session In Node with Express

For the last couple of days I've been trying to setup a session in node. You know, so that I can access information as the user navigates from page to page. Typically this is so ridiculously easy to do with other stacks that you almost take it for granted.  The call backs to get and post requests have a req and res variable for request and response, respectively.  Typically you can access the session from the req in other stacks.  Not so in node.  At least not without the proper setup.

Say you have a module like below
exports.list = function(req, resp){ //do something interesting here and call your view }
Well in that module you can access the session member of the req like below:
exports.list = function(req, resp){ req.session.userName = "foo"; //do something interesting here and call your view }
Then in some other function export you can use that session's property and use it for whatever.  If you are new to node this is can be the beg…

Austin Code Camp 2013 Review

It's been a couple of days since the Austin Code Camp 2013. It was a great turn out. Overall around 200 plus coders, eager to hear about the latest trends, attended.  Here are a few thoughts that I'd like to share regarding Austin Code Camp. more...