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Linux Mint

Recently I discovered Linux Mint. So far my experience with it has been pleasant. It runs way faster than the Windows 7 that was previously installed on the same box.   I actually installed this on a loved one's box and and since she is not a savy computer user I figured I would install everything she needed to make her experience pleasant.  I really didn't know what I was getting me and her into but I decided to give it a try because her computer was running extremely sluggish.  She mostly uses it for web navigation, so she had no files to backup and she doesn't rely on any Windows app for work or entertainment - so this made the decision much easier.

So far she is quite pleased with the experience.  The only thing I did to the OS so far was add Google Chrome because FireFox for some reason does not appear to be as good as Chrome on Linux or even as good as FireFox on Windows.  One of the key features failing in FireFox on LinuxMint is that the address bar does not double…