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Developing with C# 2008 Express Part 1

So not everyone can afford to shell out the money for the professional version of Visual Studio. That should not stop anyone from pursuing their passion or even satisfying their curiosity of developing in the dot net world.

Recently a friend requested that I coach him on learning C# and OOP for a program that he wants to write. He has been programming, but his experience is mostly with a procedural language of some sort, classic VB and VBA I believe. He does not have Visual Studio Professional so he decided to go with C# 2008 Express Edition. Just so that I could coach him appropriately, I figured that we both needed to develop in the same environment. That way we could both work on the same project. This is mostly because C# Express projects cannot be opened by professional editions of Visual Studio and vise versa. You normally have to port over your projects manually from one to the other. You do this enough times and it becomes somewhat of a pain. Therefore we decided to stick with …
I found a totally cool gem today.

We found the following command on the website

Scenario: when cloning a VDI (virtual box image) image you may want to use that VDI image as the base for an additional image

Symptoms: A hard disk with UUID {23a663ea-a1a1-a2ea-9a34-1368b30ea813} or with the same properties ('D:\VBOX\VDI\XP_Work_Template_20GB.vmdk') is already registered.


You have an image with MYAPP 1.02.
Now you want an image with MYAPP 1.03 but you still want to keep your copy of 1.02.
You now will have a problem with mounting both images on the same box since they both have the same UUID. To resolve this issue run the following from the command line.
In our case we had to first navigate to C:\program files\sun\virtual box\ then we ran it. Replace mydisk.vdi with the full path to your actual vdi file you need a UUID for.

c:\>VBoxManage internalcommands setvdiuuid mydisk.vdi