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Easy Pubnub Demo

A few days ago I went back to checkout pubnub. I tried out at first some years ago.  Recently I and another colleague got an idea for a chat app.  I pointed out that we can use pubnub.  So to test out the waters, we decided to test out the demo code at pubnub.  You can find the gist at github at the following link All you have to do is copy and past the content into a html document and then open the page in two different browsers sessions to see how it works.

That Was My Idea

Just today I saw an article on a new product that I thought up a few years back.  The product in question was more refined and more sophisticated than I envisioned it, but the basic premise of the concept was there.  I've had this happen to me a few times with other products. Some may laugh when I say this, but I envisioned and app store long before there were app stores of any kind.  Over the years I've had many ideas but I have yet to fully pursue one and develop it into a finished product.

Whenever I bring up the idea talk, it's not unusual to hear about the ideas other people have had.  I think we are all born with a creative instinct.  We all have ideas that we can champion and see to fruition.  I heard once that there is a place where you can go and be in the presence of thousands, if not millions of great ideas; the cemetery.  Many of those buried there had great ideas, and their ideas are there buried with them.

I've personally witnessed some friends pursue th…