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Reflecting Back When I Overpaid for My First Computer a Pentium 233Mhz

Sitting here thinking back when I bought my first computer in 1998. A pentium 233mhz with Windows 95 about 16megs of RAM with a 3.1 Gig Hardrive. I financed that thing for $1800. It took me a year to pay it. I probably overpaid by about $1000 at the time. I didn't know any better. 

It was the start of my new life as a civilian, getting out of the Army and making just little over minimum wage. But thinking back on it and all the benefits I have gotten from that first computer. That computer held on through my BS in computer science. I had it for so long that the fan in the power supply stopped working from all the dust that built up on it. The ability to learn all sorts of things and teach myself programming. 

I didn't know it then but everyone thought I was loosing my marbles and thinking I was wasting all my hard earned money buying more and more computer books (probably over 300 books over the next four years). 

Everywhere I went I had a computer book. How is an Army Cannon Cre…