Wohoo! I Discovered One Note

So I am sitting at my desk today and as I am doing some research I decide that I need to take some notes.  My first thought was to pull my paper notepad and jot down some notes.   I am simple guy so I use notepad quite extensively for many simple tasks.   However, as I've gathered more and more information I have come to realized how inefficient this method of storing notes is.  For one I tend to forget where I stored something. For another I also tend to forget what I named a filed.

So I though "Hey what if there was a notepad tool that could handle the management of notes for me". No not like the windows notepad.exe but like a real notepad where you could take notes on one page and save them.  Then you could come back to them, search them, re-read them, back them up, etc.  It would be extremely cool to delegate the management of files to something other than myself.  I started talking to a co-worker about it and he said "I'm sure that this already exists".  Another co-worker got in the conversation and introduced me to OneNote.

OneNote is part of Microsoft Office 2007 and does everything I need, from what I can see, and then some.  You can easily organize your notes.  OneNote has the concepts of folders so you can organize your folders however you want.  You can attach random notes.  You press the shortcut key Windows+N and you can jot down a quick note.  I am really excited about how much easier will make my life.

If you are not using one note I'd be interested in what you are using for taking notes.


Ryan said…
One note is pretty cool. I usually use the sticky note feature in windows 7 though. It's quick, I can throw it into the corner of the screen and jot quick notes down to reference if I am working on a project. If the notes are substantial and I may need them in the future, I'll put them in one note. My wife on the other hand, her screen will look like an actual desktop with different colored sticky notes all over the screen. She automated her own disorganization! hilarious.

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