Ok, so I didn't think that WinDirStat deserved it's own blog entry and I wasn't going to enter it but since I quickly exceeded my Tweet limitation.  Here it is:

I discovered WinDirStat the same day I discovered one note. You can find WinDirStat at If you are not using this tool you should be. WinDirStat helps you identify where your hard drive space has gone. It also has some features to help you clean it.   WinDirStat categorizes your file comsumption into nice little compartments complete with color coding to enable you to quickly see where the biggest folders are.   All the different file types are color coded against a map view so you can easily see which types of files your query area contains.

The best part about WinDirStat is that it is completely free (as in free beer).



binaryman said…
Directory Report is another useful tool for showing folder sizes
No confusing colored blocks

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