Random Thought on the One Book Every Other Week Concept

I know many are following with the one book every other week resolution.  It sounds like a really good idea.  Reading is good. Reading a lot is even better.  I read quite a bit, but a book every other week can be too big a bite to chew. I know there are many people that read even more than that.  Heck even I can go streaks of reading even more than but only for a short while.

However if one doesn't already read close to that, I think it's simply too ambitious.  It's almost like trying to be something you are not, a book worm.  I'd really like to follow Mark Zuckerberg and see how he does with this resolution.  Another thought that comes to mind is that just because you start a book does not mean you have to finish it.  So likely you would abandon many of the books you attempt.  What I mean by that is that if you find that the information does not interest you or the information is not justifying the amount of time and effort, it is OK to ditch the book.

Then there is the skimming approach of reading books. The times when you can skim quickly through a book and understand all the main ideas, what kind of information it contains and that's enough to check off the box.  If you should ever need the details contained in the book you would know exactly where to find them.  But that wouldn't really count as reading the book.  I do count it as reading the book but that depends on the approach that Mark is taking.

It's perfectly OK to attempt this resolution.  I hate even writing this post because I sound like I am hating for no reason.  However I believe in reading with a purpose in mind, for entertainment, education and for short and long term goals.  That's why I have another idea, what if instead your resolution was to learn about 12 or 6 or n new topics in 12 months no matter how many books it takes.  Now that seems more interesting to me.  I'm not saying it's better, I'm just introducing an alternative to the 26 books in 52 weeks concept.  Or perhaps it could be a combination of the two; n new topics in 26 books.  Just a random thought.


Domepeace said…
Interesting perspective. Keep writing homie.

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