Before you buy a Surface 2 with Windows 8.1

With the holidays fast approaching, many of us will want to purchase some cool tech toys such as tablets. Currently Microsoft is pushing their Surface 2 with Windows 8.1 tablets. Microsoft's current Windows strategy is misleading at the least and here's why. The Surface 2 cannot and will not completely replace your laptop. Why? Well that's because it cannot run regular Windows apps.  The surface runs Windows 8 RT whereas a laptop runs Windows 8 (no RT).  Each is targeted for a different hardware architecture.  Think of RT as a slimmed down version of Windows 8 that looks like Windows 8 but is only targeted for tablets.

Sure it can run the new version of Microsoft Office, but that's about it (as far the legacy Windows apps are concerned). It can only run the apps from the Microsoft Store. Think of it more like an iPad with a keyboard that uses the Microsoft store, which by the way has fewer apps than the Apple App Store.

This does not mean that you can't get a lot of use out of. It will provide full functionality as a tablet. It will do all the great things that MS advertises such as Skype, navigating the web, playing games. It will do all the things you would expect a tablet to do. Just don't expect it to do everything your Windows 7/XP/Vista or even Windows 8 laptop can do. It simply can't. This information is well known, but mostly among tech geeks. Since Microsoft is King when it comes to marketing I just figured I warned you before you buy.

A rule of thumb to determine if this a good application is that if you need to install software that's not found on the Microsoft App Store then this may not be a good device for you.

This is specially important for those of you wanting an all in one for your high school or college students. You may be disappointed to learn that the Surface 2 is still only a tablet. Hopefully by reading this it will prevent you from finding out at just the time when you really need a full blown laptop.

If you would like more information regarding the Surface 2 please read the post below.
Windows 8.1 RT Identity Problem  

Install and uninstall apps on Surface RT or Surface 2 on


Ricardo Sanchez said…
The Surface 2 "Pro" comes with Windows 8 Pro which is the full version :)
Fernando Zamora said…
Thanks Ricardo. Thats good to know.

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