Turning On Debugging on the DroidX for Android Development

I started playing around with Android development yesterday.  I was able to follow all the setup instructions to run my initial program from the emulator.  However, when I tried to run my program from the actual device (I have a DroidX by Motorola) I ran into some issues because it was not being recognized.  That's when I colleague pointed me to a setting in the phone itself. 

It turns out I had to allow debugging.  To allow debugging on your DroidX just navigate to Settings/Applications/Development. Once there turn on USB Debugging.
Once I turned it on I was able to run my Hello World app on my device.

If you are interested in the book I am learning from you can get it at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Beginning-Android-Games-Mario-Zechner/dp/1430230428. Or if you have a Safari account you can read it online like me.


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