DirectoryWiz an Open Source Framework for Cleaning Folders

 I have started work on something that has been brewing in my mind for some time.  I have created a framework to enable me to clean folders of undesired folders and files.  For example say I want to remove all the .svn folders from my solution to save space and archive somewhere.  Or maybe I want to remove the bin and debug folders so that I can zip and mail out the solution.

I primarily wrote it as a tool for myself.  The primary purpose of this framework is to clean folders of undesired files and folders, such as cleaning the bin and obj folders from your solution.  It is also to aid in copying folders and folder trees.  This is in effort to get around the faulty windows copy system that chokes on the first error.
Anyway, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.  If you have some time please visit the git link below and read ReadMe file on the site.  If you have more time than than that, go ahead and download the source code.   Then please provide me with your feedback - do you think it's a good idea, bad idea, or there is something better already out there.


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